growing moss

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While sweeping the entrance steps, I noticed that we had moss thriving along the edge.  The bright green fuzz is so beautiful.

So I’ve harvested some and transplanted them onto other areas around the entrance ground and stairs.  Hopefully they will settle in and survive.

Here is a general guideline to growing moss.  Tomorrow I’m going to pick up some buttermilk!

hummm… maybe I should make the entire front of the home into a Japanese moss garden!



bedstuy represent #2

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Exciting to see all the people working on their homes in the hood.  There is a buzz here~

from Apartment Therapy: 1982 Brooklyn Brownstone!

bedstuy represent!

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This neighborhood is really amazing….

Did you see the article on the NY times of “In Brooklyn, a Strict Victorian Brownstone”?

Mr. Dakota + Kei Yip restored the home into a time-travel piece.  I commend you for your passion and dedication!

Here are some photos:

will be back soon!

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Autumn is here – and with it chilly air, crisp mornings, sore throat and sniffles as well as a feeling of space!  Will be back soon to update you on the result of our brownstone reno, details of what to do and not to do, and some daily updates.  missed you!

mystery visitor

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Once or twice a week, one of my plant in the front entrance would be all smushed down.The plant is a large pot with mint and some ivy.

I’ve been suspecting 3 things:

1. There is a cat sitting on top of my plant.  (but is this really possible?)

2.  Someone is putting their bag on top of the plant while opening the door (but who would do that?)

3. Heavy rain or wind flattened the plant. (only this one plant..)

And today my upstairs neighbor sent me this email!!  “Hi. This is why the big plant is smushed. The kitten has been sleeping in it (:”

I knew it!! It’s cat mint plant!

I’ve seen this kitty around the hood.  Super cute, tiny – with bright emerald eyes.  So happy with the new visitor!  Kitty – please keep sleeping over!



dream home

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blissful spaces found on pinterest today!

love loft spaces, always.

lauren moffatt’s home in NYC

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from design sponge.

Love the mix of found things and modern whim.  Truly a personal space.