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OK – it looks like things are going to get even more busy and crazy with work and projects, so I’m not going to wait any more for that space of time to come back.  Just have to create more time, since time is only an illusion too!?!!

I’ve  become a professional multi-tasker like so many NY women.

The pups are loving the chilly air~




will be back soon!

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Autumn is here – and with it chilly air, crisp mornings, sore throat and sniffles as well as a feeling of space!  Will be back soon to update you on the result of our brownstone reno, details of what to do and not to do, and some daily updates.  missed you!

been a while~

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sorry.  It’s been such a busy summer.

Good news is that we are finally moved in!  Renovation is pretty much done and we are still happy, loving it all. 

This weekend we started putting up our art pieces on the wall.  Good to see you again ladies!



blog : Steven Alan

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I love reading blogs of designers and stores.  It gives a great peek into their culture.

Check out this one.




architect visit

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Modern, fresh spaces from here.


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Sorry I haven’t posted in some time.  Summer is here, and although one might think that I’m away on vacation or something, in fact, I’ve been working a lot.  And one of my personal practice is to not be on the computer on weekends. Plug off.  It’s amazing – try it!

ps. Will update you on our home soon!

Someday! – this is the feeling of being free and open.

or to walk out every morning to somewhere like here – a pretty garden.



kitchen backsplash

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We went to pick up tile trim yesterday and spontaneously thought of tiling kitchen backsplash.  But when we brought the things home, we are having second thoughts.  Not sure how it will look.  So many decisions to make!




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