Rwanda Basket

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find more here


Vintage Crate

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I’ve always loved the look of vintage crates.

Here are some ways it can be used in spaces to add a touch of “something something”!

Pipe clothing rack

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We picked up steel piping from home depo to make the free stamina clothing rack.
1/2″ steel pipes and brackets
30 mins of cleaning and assembly
2 people



closet organizing!

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Pipe clothing rack – I see them everywhere – Steven Alan Notlia, etc etc. – and LOVE it.  It’s the industrial look that Momo and I like, and much cheaper than the Elfa System we had previously.

Here is an Etsy shop that carries it.  And I guess we can try to make our own – (I thought I was quite crafty, but all these DYI seems a bit daunting…)

But they says it’s easy: made out of standard 3/4″ plumbing pipe from Home Depot

Clothing Rack

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