kitchen cabinet handles

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We are down to the details, which means on the last minute hunt to get all the things.

Here’s what we have found for the kitchen cabinet knobs / handles.

All are vintage door knobs from mid-century and mod era.  I found them via Etsy : Violette Slippers.  Jill has extensive selection of vintage knobs, and is really great at sending the items promptly after transaction!



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Went to the Conran Shop, just to check it out – and it happened to be the summer sale!  AND the lights we were thinking of was available at 50% off.  What good luck we have.

One for the living space and another above dining area.

Will show you what we got soon!


mirrors from junk shop!

06/15/2012 § 1 Comment

I needed to look for antique brass doorknobs to replace the ones our contractor lost  (long story … ) so went to local junk shop that’s open on random days.   Didn’t have any luck with the knob, but found these 2 mirrors!

Great thing about “junk” store is that sometimes if you adventure deep enough through all the dust and lift up layers of stuff, you just might find something amazing for a deal!  It’s not for everyone, or for all the time, but once in a while when you are in the mood to hunt, try it and see what you’ll find!

They need a little love and care, a bit of hammering in here and there, but are pretty cool.

When shopping through old things, look for something that has interesting shape or details.  Or else, you just might get lost and be overwhelmed.

Enjoy digging!


NY Design Week

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With ICFF heading up, the NY design week should be a feast for those who love design.

“Along with Milan’s Salone del Mobile, the ICFF is the one of the world’s most important contemporary furniture fair, but the atmosphere is noticeably lighter here than at its Italian pendant. Even if you don’t visit the actual fair, then the town’s furniture and interior design showrooms are abuzz with parties and activities. Get your paws on a programme, then wine, dine and party your way from Midtown East down to SoHo.” – from here

Some places to check out.

Bathroom light?

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I have this vision of a small hand-blown glass pendant for the guest bathroom light.  Something interesting, organic, simple.  Here are some I’ve found so far.

Tom Dixon

White Pendants from ABC Carpet : this isn’t glass but the shapes are cute.

Cumberland Lamps : Dunn Studio

Unika : Northern Lighting


lindsey adelman in SPACE

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Yesterday I posted about lindsey adelman’s studio – here are some interiors with her lights.  Stunning.

ceiling medallion – update!

04/23/2012 § 3 Comments

Finally had a moment to sit down with Momo and review the medallions.  It’s so great to have a partner whose aesthetics one can trust and agree with.  I hear quite a few couple whose difficulty in decorating / designing a home because the two have different tastes.  If this is the case, maybe try to fuse the two approaches, have designated spaces to be in charge of, or simply trust your partner’s choices!

Here is the medallion we ordered.


It has a similar spirit as our original medallion.

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