enjoy the weekends

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After the frenzy of moving in, we are slowly settling into our home.

With super busy work schedule during the week, the weekends are divine moments when we can spend time together and enjoy.
I’m starting to cook seriously again – like using the OVEN!  Here’s a peek at today’s creation:

Pie with tomatoes and veggies

– heirloom tomatoes (in season now!)

– string beans, onion shoots, a bit of eggplant and zucchini left over from previous cooking.

– home-made pie crust

Paired with lovely olive oil and some organic wine.  Delish~


cool kitchens!

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We are almost done with the kitchen.  Just got our stove and dishwasher delivered (the dishwasher is being exchanged.  I picked a slightly higher model online without seeing it in person, and the buttons are gigantic and very ugly.  So it’s being returned in couple weeks to be the same as our current dishwasher.   I’m sad to see ugly details that are purely a design mistake!)

And we picked out the refrigerator over the weekend from here – went in person to check them out.

Advice : always see the appliances IN PERSON!

Here are some kitchen images to enjoy some cool kitchen while we wait for all items to come together.





spice it up!

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It’s hot hot hot today!

A friend came over and was telling me that she has a large spice collection.

I do too, but it’s all in organized jars, in a drawer.  Then I thought, I wonder what kind of spice racks are out there?  After a short search, I ran into this innovative spice rack.

Simple and functional!

“The pantry in our kitchen is very small, so I installed this spice rack over the stove. It’s actually the ribba picture ledge from Ikea. I wrote, “let’s spice things up,” with a chalk marker and added labels to the jars using water-slide decal paper.”

from here

Especially like the chalkpaint detail!

And check this one out.  Also very nice.

“RATIONELL VARIERA spice racks from IKEA, mounted them inside of a kitchen cabinet door, and transferred my 18 most commonly used spices to them. And look, labels! I bought a 3-pack of Martha Stewart labels to make life easy”

from here!


kitchen cabinet handles

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We are down to the details, which means on the last minute hunt to get all the things.

Here’s what we have found for the kitchen cabinet knobs / handles.

All are vintage door knobs from mid-century and mod era.  I found them via Etsy : Violette Slippers.  Jill has extensive selection of vintage knobs, and is really great at sending the items promptly after transaction!

reno: update

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We are a bit behind schedule due to delayed plumbing inspection – but we have passed and can move onto getting the bathroom and kitchen in!  WoowooOOooo ~ almost there…


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Went to the Conran Shop, just to check it out – and it happened to be the summer sale!  AND the lights we were thinking of was available at 50% off.  What good luck we have.

One for the living space and another above dining area.

Will show you what we got soon!


kitchen knobs

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I’ve gotten rave comments of our vintage knobs on our rental unit’s kitchens.  It’s a small detail but everyone seems to notice it right away.

I love the ones I found for the rental units – but can’t find them anymore.  Just have to let go and move on!

Here are the knobs I’ve found so far for our kitchen.

We have 6 top cabinets, so thinking of using this one.

These can be for the 3 drawers, or for the 3 bottom cabinets.  Not sure yet.  Still need to find the remaining 3….!!!

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