white space + KIDS!

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Being in an all white space now, it takes a certain care to keep it fresh.  I didn’t think it was possible to have kids in all white space, but here is a fabulous proof that it is so possible and great!



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I want to have a tee-pee!

Super cute + creative.

Miller Goodman – from here!

From Etsy store Colette Bream

From Etsy store saracarr

charming little little…

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I have always been drawn to little charming things – but I know I have to be selective not to overload the house and Momo.  Keep it simple!

But look here…~

Great baby shower gifts…

milk – kids

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Milk Magazine makes me want to have kids, dress kids, design kids things and above all BE A KID.

Love the mix of neutral and POP.  Easy fun.


want to be a kid again!

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Kids rooms are super cute and fun to decorate. Designing kids home decor and clothing is something that I’ve dreamed of doing.  Although not anytime soon, I love to admire the magical rooms of kids.

toys for us

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Super cute!

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