we moved in!

07/30/2012 § 1 Comment

What a crazy week.

We moved to our space, cleaned and wiped like a crazy person, and helped our tenant into her space!

We are IN!

Over the weekend, we ran into this guy selling most amazing plants on the street in Carroll Gardens on our way back from Lowes.  So we picked this tall palm tree (over 10ft tall) and a 5ft tall fig tree.

Feels like we are in a european riviera.




outdoor space

07/23/2012 § 1 Comment

Let’s go outside!  (except we have crazy mosquito attacks…)


all from here.

window box plants

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My goal this year is to grow a green thumb!

To pick out an arrangement, it’s about layering colors and textures – like you would do with clothing or home decor.  Then to make sure all the plants agree on the lighting condition and such.

At the farm, I picked out some plants for our front window box planter.  And over the weekend planted some arrangements.

Laguna : Sky Blue

Orange Sedge

Diamond Frost

(Vine, I forgot the name..)

I know this should be ideally done in spring, but with all the construction going on, it was impossible to have plants.  Now that we are almost done, I’m thrilled to be able to plant!



day trip from NYC

07/15/2012 § 1 Comment

We’ve been so busy to take vacation in maybe a bit over 2 years now… and for now local weekend and day trips are essential to getting grounded and re-energized.  I’ve been looking into day trips around NYC where dogs are allowed – and found this local farm in NJ.  The place is called Alstede Farms, in Chester, NJ.



We went for a Satruday day trip – it’s not too far away –  only 1.5 hrs by car.  BUT, if you live in Brooklyn like us, you will have to either go through Manhattan via Holland Tunnel, or go around the longer distance via Veranzano Bridge.  I recommend the latter.  We chose Holland Tunnel, and it was a buzz kill and long traffic jam.  Other than that – it was PERFECT.  Next time we go, we take the bridge.



online journal : Gardenista

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Finally, a site dedicated to all the know-hows of gardening!

Here is our garden : so far, we’ve only seeded with grass and have been mowing it!

pop color door!

07/12/2012 § 2 Comments

We decided to add a bit of color for the back yard door.  It’s only visible from the outside (the inside is painted with chalkboard paint).  Really love how the green makes me happy when I’m outside looking in.

Here are some images of other painted doors.  Some are personal photos from my travels, others are from online.

to the garden

07/02/2012 § 2 Comments

This was totally what we had envisioned!!

garage door to the back garden

or the entire wall of window!  Preferably salvaged factory windows would have been stunning.

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