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here are some!



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Taking advantage of the tall parlor floor, we decided to build a loft above the bathroom!

It’s really cool.

Our space, in the works.

hanging lantern

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We’ve been waiting to put up our paper lanterns in the bedrooms – soon to be done.

Thinking of putting it off center, like these!

sorry, I’ve had these on my “like” folder for so long that I lost the sources.




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Always in the look-out for amazing vintage rugs – graphic and ethnic.

Here are some inspirations : Vintage Navaho rugs / blankets

Keep your feet warm and soft~  it’s good for you.

(from here)

Maybe time to visit New Mexico!

Wrap yourself with love

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OMG… these vintage Kantha blankets are stunning AND supports women in Bangladesh.  Must have one!


Japanese Futon

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We had some friends stay over, and got 2 full size Japanese Futon.  With our new home done, we hope to have our friends and family to be able to stay with us and be comfortable.

Milan LOVES the futon – it’s his giant bed!

The futon is from J-Life – I ordered it online and it arrived in 2 days nicely packaged.  It’s really nice, although quite heavy.   I expected a bit lighter style of traditional futon that I grew up with in Korea, but still amazing and much better than sir mattress.


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I totally forgot to share with you some photos of our finished spaces!

The final weeks were a rush – it was the beginning of holidays, family visits and final details needing work,  also to get tenants in.

Here are some views, before getting settled in!

Living space.  Really amazing light.  Feels sublime up here.

Large bedroom of top unit.  LOVE the beam details.

Small bedroom – top unit

Another view of the small bedroom.  We started whitewashing the bricks, but then everyone loved the way it was half done, so we just left it!

Hallway to the top floor.

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