dream home

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blissful spaces found on pinterest today!

love loft spaces, always.


lauren moffatt’s home in NYC

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from design sponge.

Love the mix of found things and modern whim.  Truly a personal space.

moody mood

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I’m all about white interiors at this moment, but still a lover of amazing color in spaces.

moody purple / blue

(from here)


garden time

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We all did a bit of work in the garden this morning.

I pulled out some weed and trimmed the edges, momo cut the grass with our push mower, and noni and milan rolled around the new cut grass and some stinky stuff.

Beautiful moments in life.

enjoy the weekends

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After the frenzy of moving in, we are slowly settling into our home.

With super busy work schedule during the week, the weekends are divine moments when we can spend time together and enjoy.
I’m starting to cook seriously again – like using the OVEN!  Here’s a peek at today’s creation:

Pie with tomatoes and veggies

– heirloom tomatoes (in season now!)

– string beans, onion shoots, a bit of eggplant and zucchini left over from previous cooking.

– home-made pie crust

Paired with lovely olive oil and some organic wine.  Delish~

surrounded by green

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more is always good.

(for sources, check out pinterest)

been a while~

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sorry.  It’s been such a busy summer.

Good news is that we are finally moved in!  Renovation is pretty much done and we are still happy, loving it all. 

This weekend we started putting up our art pieces on the wall.  Good to see you again ladies!



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