reno: update

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We are a bit behind schedule due to delayed plumbing inspection – but we have passed and can move onto getting the bathroom and kitchen in!  WoowooOOooo ~ almost there…


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Went to the Conran Shop, just to check it out – and it happened to be the summer sale!  AND the lights we were thinking of was available at 50% off.  What good luck we have.

One for the living space and another above dining area.

Will show you what we got soon!


mirrors from junk shop!

06/15/2012 § 1 Comment

I needed to look for antique brass doorknobs to replace the ones our contractor lost  (long story … ) so went to local junk shop that’s open on random days.   Didn’t have any luck with the knob, but found these 2 mirrors!

Great thing about “junk” store is that sometimes if you adventure deep enough through all the dust and lift up layers of stuff, you just might find something amazing for a deal!  It’s not for everyone, or for all the time, but once in a while when you are in the mood to hunt, try it and see what you’ll find!

They need a little love and care, a bit of hammering in here and there, but are pretty cool.

When shopping through old things, look for something that has interesting shape or details.  Or else, you just might get lost and be overwhelmed.

Enjoy digging!


kitchen knobs

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I’ve gotten rave comments of our vintage knobs on our rental unit’s kitchens.  It’s a small detail but everyone seems to notice it right away.

I love the ones I found for the rental units – but can’t find them anymore.  Just have to let go and move on!

Here are the knobs I’ve found so far for our kitchen.

We have 6 top cabinets, so thinking of using this one.

These can be for the 3 drawers, or for the 3 bottom cabinets.  Not sure yet.  Still need to find the remaining 3….!!!

mirror mirror

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Almost exactly what I had in mind!

… vintage triptych mirror

From remodelista

A bit ornate for us, but pretty~



perfect summer

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is something like this.  Being in nature, with family and friends, easy atmosphere, good food –  life is beautiful.

from Kinfolk Magazine.

vanessa bruno’s home

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the world of Vanessa Bruno ~  easy, elegant, soft and textural..  effortlessly chic – much like her fashion collection.  Love~

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