spice it up!

06/30/2012 § Leave a comment

It’s hot hot hot today!

A friend came over and was telling me that she has a large spice collection.

I do too, but it’s all in organized jars, in a drawer.  Then I thought, I wonder what kind of spice racks are out there?  After a short search, I ran into this innovative spice rack.

Simple and functional!

“The pantry in our kitchen is very small, so I installed this spice rack over the stove. It’s actually the ribba picture ledge from Ikea. I wrote, “let’s spice things up,” with a chalk marker and added labels to the jars using water-slide decal paper.”

from here

Especially like the chalkpaint detail!

And check this one out.  Also very nice.

“RATIONELL VARIERA spice racks from IKEA, mounted them inside of a kitchen cabinet door, and transferred my 18 most commonly used spices to them. And look, labels! I bought a 3-pack of Martha Stewart labels to make life easy”

from here!



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