spice it up!

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It’s hot hot hot today!

A friend came over and was telling me that she has a large spice collection.

I do too, but it’s all in organized jars, in a drawer.  Then I thought, I wonder what kind of spice racks are out there?  After a short search, I ran into this innovative spice rack.

Simple and functional!

“The pantry in our kitchen is very small, so I installed this spice rack over the stove. It’s actually the ribba picture ledge from Ikea. I wrote, “let’s spice things up,” with a chalk marker and added labels to the jars using water-slide decal paper.”

from here

Especially like the chalkpaint detail!

And check this one out.  Also very nice.

“RATIONELL VARIERA spice racks from IKEA, mounted them inside of a kitchen cabinet door, and transferred my 18 most commonly used spices to them. And look, labels! I bought a 3-pack of Martha Stewart labels to make life easy”

from here!



1950s brass mirror

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Finally after admiring for so long I found info on this mirror!

“Designer Steven Volpe’s petite powder room in the 19th-century Paris apartment he shares with his business partner, Roth Martin, is chic in its simplicity. Both the circa-1950 brass mirror and the vintage collapsible tripod table are French.” from Elle Decor

From 1st Dibs

From here

kitchen cabinet handles

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We are down to the details, which means on the last minute hunt to get all the things.

Here’s what we have found for the kitchen cabinet knobs / handles.

All are vintage door knobs from mid-century and mod era.  I found them via Etsy : Violette Slippers.  Jill has extensive selection of vintage knobs, and is really great at sending the items promptly after transaction!

art on the wall

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These days, I’m gravitating towards drawings and photos to display.  There is something soothing about the simplicity of the paper and glossy glass that sits on top.

our stairs

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I’ve been posting some amazing stairs on my blog – and wanted to share with you our modest (and lovely) stair cases.

This is on your way up to the 2nd floor.  Once the apartment is done, we won’t see much of this space since we’ll be using the downstairs entrance as our main egress.  Will miss this view for sure.

And we DID end up putting in the railing and banisters on the garden floor.  I wasn’t sure if it’ll look too stuffy, but actually happy with the result.  We re-used the original railing and banister, which feels just right.

architect visit

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Modern, fresh spaces from here.

lazy summer

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has not yet begun.  While we wait for heat to settle in NYC (it’s been super chilly), here are some photos for that hot summer afternoons.

from here, here and here!

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