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Check it out – intimate and inspirational.  Also just fun.

“We are an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or within their daily working environments”

Berlin is around us these days – and looks like there are some exciting energy there.



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love that color.

(from here!)


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Some more stairs!

BTW- we decided to put in the original railings back on.  It’s nicer than we had imagined and def. more practical.



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here are some!


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We have an amazing custom made Atlas Industries shelving from our previous home, but not sure if we have to cut it down since the ceilings are lower in our studio space.  Or, should we put it in the parlor floor?  hummm..

well, here are some shelving systems that I like!

Atlas, I can recognize it anywhere.  Simple and classic.

Love the thin floating~~

Simple.  Note that it is lifted off the ground.

(images from here)


tastemaker’s home

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The Coveteur captures the personal wardrobe and homes of today’s top tastemakers.”.  cool /

outdoor wall sconce

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Doing some research – still not set on the design.


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