Renovation: Phase 2

03/01/2012 § 2 Comments

We began Phase 2 of our Brownstone renovation last week.

We’ve been planning it, but all happened in a rush – and I have to say, second time is not easier.  If anything, it’s still all the work, sourcing and buying with almost no budget.

But the hope of finally having our own space by summer makes it less painful.

Here we go!!!

Week 1 : Demolition!!!!

Week 2 : still demo, and starting to put new sub floors and leveling.

A peek to our basement through the floor boards.

Finally, the horrible shed in the garden is gone!  The things covered are to stay, but since it’s crazy inside, it stays outside for a while.

The amount of dust is really unbearable.  Every night we come home and mop the floors…  Renovation is not for the faint heart.


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