IKEA – hell….

11/22/2011 § 4 Comments

For those who are planning an IKEA kitchen – hopefully our nightmarish experience can help you navigate it more smoothly.

(still trying to get organized!)

What we ordered:

-We ordered simple ikea cabinets, hood and sink with faucets from Ikea for the 2 rental units.  2 identical orders.  Over the phone b/c I thought it will result in a fast and simple delivery home.

(we got our appliances from Sears / Kenmore – and the entire process of ordering+delivery was smooth like butter)

What happened:

– We were advised that the delivery will come b/t 5-9pm on a Tues night.  It ended up coming at 11:30pm, only after we insisted that we will wait up instead of postponing it for another day.

– The guys just unloaded, and did not have any check-list to confirm all delivery.   They said they are 3rd party, so they just drop off what was packed.


– Missing : 2 hoods (how can you miss 2 large oven exhaust hood from the delivery list, I don’t know…)

– Missing : All hinges for the cabinet doors / drawers

– Missing : All dampers for the doors / drawers

– Broken : 1 sink

– Wrong item : 2 base cabinets

What we had to do:

– Called Ikea after service almost daily.  Cancel orders and pick it up at the store so our contractors can finish the job, return broken item at Ikea, exchange items at Ikea… All in all, 1 week of being on the phone, 2 trips to Ikea, 4 hours each time waiting in lines, not enough $ returned on the return card… contractors waiting for the items to come in…

Still waiting on hinges so I can return it again…  waiting for refund on the hood and hinges… about $1000 worth of merchandise.

(we have about 10 receipts …)


– GO TO THE STORE.  At least it will be 1x of being in Ikea all day but you will be able to check if all items are there.

– Laugh.






§ 4 Responses to IKEA – hell….

  • We have an Ikea kitchen in our condo. It’s ok but the white is always dirty and our “butcher block” countertop is less than five years old and falling apart. However the crappy things are mostly outweighed by the clever design and storage options.

    Oh and they’ve discontinued by couch and I can’t get any new slipcovers!

    • julianaum says:

      agreed! Humm…maybe we should all stock up on extra bits in case it get’s discontinued. Thanks for letting us know.

  • reno21 says:

    We looked at IKEA kitchens, and while I loved the app to tell me what it would look like, it just didn’t have the flexibility. We ended up spending more, but it does look rather special.

    • julianaum says:

      Overall, we do love our Ikea kitchen look – esp mixed with some vintage hardware. The order and installation process was brutal, but we are sold on Ikea kitchen.

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