inspiration : Museo

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Sometimes it’s good for us to look outside of interiors and products – and be inspired in a different sort of way…

from Museo


















simple . honest . relaxed .

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I have been enjoying looking through this beautiful french store Neest and her blog.

keep things simple…

Torchon en lin épaisCuillère "nid" pour le sucreDessous de plat Hoshi



Hanging Lights – redirected

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We’ve been seeing a lot of hanging lights strung to be redirected – so great, and the lines of the wire adds to the charm.

Photo from the Danish magazine Bo Bedre.

(photo from FromScandanaviaWithLove)Photo from the Danish magazine Bo Bedre.Photo by Philip Karlberg. A living room as white as it can be. Photo by Danish Morten  Holtum.

i miss you…

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winter prep

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Wow… this would be great for the long, snowy winter.  Hand-crafted from Maine by Quoddy, beautiful piece of art.

Watch the beautiful short movie on the craft and how the shoes are made here –

Grizzly Boot with Sheepskin Lining

Makes me want to wander through the snowy woods.

snowy photo from Neest

the world of TERRAIN

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Where we would want to be~


Home and garden and beauty, all in one sublime selection of ease and elegance.

Autumn, is it almost here?

Cool blues and patina of silvers…

SHOP: Colonia in Hudson, NY

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Hudson, NY – about 1.5 hours away from NYC is a charming town with vintage stores and galleries.  Take a weekend trip up~ it’ll be a nice getaway!


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