A Pattern Language

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By Christopher Alexander is an awesome guide for thinking of spaces and landscapes in a poetic and subtle way.

I’ve come across this book first during my college days, and now that I pick it up again, it is so relevant reference for our renovation.


updated : rental kitchen layout

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After some thought, we updated the layout of the renter’s kitchen to have a microwave self – which will save counter space, and open wall shelf and horizontal cabinet to give more air to the kitchen.

sliding doors

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In our previous home, the closet door was an old fire-exit from the original warehouse.

We would like to have our closet door or maybe the bathroom door to be a reclaimed barn door on track!  Here are some examples.


Hardware from Flat Track Hardware.

Modern Barn Door

Remodelista also has a piece on where you can find hardwares.

Also here!

kitchen retreat

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We like the warm, well-worn kitchen.  Timeless and easy, rustic but clean.

An easy way to get this look might be to find rustic doors for your cabinets, or couple reclaimed wood shelves to add that texture.  Check out my previous post on rustic kitchens for more images.


image via Style Files

finding from the south!

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Momo and I went down to VA couple weeks ago to visit family- and visited couple antique stores while we were there.  Here are some things we found!

Brass candle holders – each piece is slightly higher than the next, making a beautiful arrangement.

Got it for a deal of $2 each!!!

White porcelain jewelry box with gold floral details.

A bit of the old world~

Couch Desired

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We found the couch we want… now – where do we buy it in US?

Divan Pacha

Via Caravane, a French company.

OR~ Always love Cisco Brothers!

Luccia Sofa 84in
OR~ Go for economical but comfy West Elm – Baxter in Cotton Weave.

Baxter Sectional


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Photos by her!

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