White Brick wall finish

06/10/2011 § Leave a comment

We are having accents of walls with exposed brick treated white.  White paint straight on brick sometimes look too rough, and I’m thinking of treating it like the wall at BDDW.  Did we tell you that we covet everything from there as well?!

You can find instructions on how to treat here.


BDDW Wall Recipe Estimate

1 Plaster
1 Joint Compound

Mix these ingredients together until you have a smooth, thich white paste (proportions may vary). Apply with a cement trowel to your brick wall and create a thin coating over the bricks. Keep it smooth. When dry, sanding is required to wear down the plaster mix and create a super smooth surface. If you sand more you will get more brick shape, less and you’ll get a more uniform surface.  This surface can then be easily painted over in one or two coats to finish)


I’ve done brick walls in the “BDDW” style for clients of mine and the easiest method I’ve found is using a caulk gun and Alex Plus “brilliant white” caulk (found at Home Depot). Squeeze it into the cracks and use your finger to smooth it. You’ll need many tubes of caulk, but at a couple bucks a piece it won’t break the bank. Keep lots of wet towels on hand to clean your finger(s) and a couple bottles of wine ’cause it’s rather tedious work, but the results are totally worth it.  Once it’s dry and you’ve achieved the right texture go ahead and paint it using “decorator’s white” flat finish interior latex. A couple coats should do the trick.

Hummm… maybe good to test it out on a small surface.  Will let you know what works best!


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