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05/31/2011 § 2 Comments

2 weeks of researh

1 weekend of driving to find stores

1 saturday of measuring and searching, consulting with a woodworker

and learning a lot and still looking.

It’s a journey!

Here are the options we are now planning.

In the beginning, we wanted to find a salvaged arched brownstone door.  But it’s very hard to find the right size!  So, we let go of that plan, and now going with glass arch top and 2 tall rectangular doors.

Arched doors we were looking at.. seemed to almost fit, but not quite.


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  • Andrea says:

    It’s not too late to dive into the magical world of Eastern European doors! Ted and I are ordering our windows and doors from Europe because of their insanely good energy performance, and that means we get to peruse wacky Slovakian websites with hilarious door options.


    (Note: Our doors will look nothing like any of these — they’ll be downright boring by comparison.)

  • julianaum says:

    Those EE doors are quite “modern”!! We did find the door yesterday and a woodworker who will be fixing and installing them for us!

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