agility show

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We are now entering the obstacle course- I feel a bit like the dog on TV who is jumping through hoops and hopefully with a big grin!

Couple things that came up-

1. moving out – ran into a minor issue trying to remove our washing machine.

2. brownstone home insurance – more complicated than when we were buying the condo.

3. architect price – much higher than what we had expected…


Mood for the home

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Here are some mood shots.

Since we’ve been in a brick  and timber interior for over 3 years, now we are ready for WHITE!

Clean, minimal, raw, straight-forward.

white room

white room

white rooms2

white rooms2

white room3

white room3

selling, buying, subletting, renovating…

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Word of advice to those who are about to venture into the home ownership-  selling, then buying is not so easy.  In the ideal world, we would sell, and move in on the same date!

But reality is that we are selling, then moving everything into storage, subletting.

Until we close on the new home – date unknown.

Then working through getting the permits for renovation – date unknown.

Then the construction begins – date unknown.

Hummm… this is entering into the unknown!  Just let it fall into place, and take it as it comes to keep sane.  It’s a practice of surrendering, letting go, then having fun.

our soon to be home

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This is the outside of our future home.

I know, it’s a little run down, but in fact, it’s somehow charming.

We would love to give her a white coat-but for now, let’s concentrate on getting into this home and making the mechanics of it stable.

new home

Painted White

Painted White

here we go!

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We packed all night to prepare our move.

We’ll be moving everything into storage, carry our mattress, suitcases, 2 dogs and 2 bikes into a sublet until we can close on the new home- a 1890 (or older) brownstone in need of some major work.  Who knows how long we’ll have to camp out!

Our adventure begins in a week.

What are we moving out of?

Amazing loft in Williamsburg.  Oh, I’m going to miss all the luxuries of this place and the community.

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