entrance rug

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The past few days, I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect rug for the entrance.  I’d stay up until late night looking for vintage / antique rugs from Etsy, Ebay and all over the web, also running into random antique stores I pass by.

My tenants leave their bikes on the entrance, so the rug needed to age well and be flat weave.

After much research, and looking, measuring, visualizing… surprisingly I went for the conservative choice.

Here were some designs I was looking at:


not for quality, but LOVE the color and pattern!



Antique persians… way too $$$$.



Vintage Turkish Kilim rugs – for that pop of color in the all white entrance.
Almost made a bid on ebay, but it would have been at least $150 or more, and I wasn’t totally convinced on the colorful style.


Here is the rug I ended up ordering, 3am doing late night on Friday.

West Elm’s Rope Chain Chunky Jute rug – with the rug pad on sale.


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We took a short trip to La Antigua and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala at the end of summer (2md week of September).
It was so beautiful and perfect weather.  Although it was rainy season, it only rained one afternoon during the 6 days we were there.


The Lake.  It’s truly stunning.

Eating at Pana – Food in Guatemala is AMAZING!


In Antigua, I love eating at Calle Reale 5.  They have the best plato topico.


Mayan weaving and textiles are stunning.  And the co-ops are super sweet.  We went to St.Juan, I think the cutest town around the lake.

Being in an authentic community of Mayan natives was an honor.



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OK – it looks like things are going to get even more busy and crazy with work and projects, so I’m not going to wait any more for that space of time to come back.  Just have to create more time, since time is only an illusion too!?!!

I’ve  become a professional multi-tasker like so many NY women.

The pups are loving the chilly air~



more on moss

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Here we go.  My new project – growing moss.

Apartment Therapy has a clear instructions on how to grow moss.

You just need to harvest some moss, blend it in the blender with water and buttermilk (2 cups each) and paint it onto brick, floor, pots – then mist to keep wet.  They say it will grow within 3 weeks.  Will let you know how it goes for me!




japanese / kyoto courtyard gardens

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– could be AMAZING.

I’d go for more of the rustic style – keeping true to the wabi-sabi principle.



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Touches of rustic, handmade, found objects brings so much warmth to a space.  For us, just a bit is enough – too much can make it loose its authenticity.

listen – joan baez / house of the rising sun

garden lust

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We’ve been working on our backyard garden.  Can’t wait to show you!

Here are some stunning gardens until I get the photos up.

love the green on green on green!

pretty.  Natural but not overgrown.

love how it creates the transition between inside and outside.

very brooklyn.


growing moss

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While sweeping the entrance steps, I noticed that we had moss thriving along the edge.  The bright green fuzz is so beautiful.

So I’ve harvested some and transplanted them onto other areas around the entrance ground and stairs.  Hopefully they will settle in and survive.

Here is a general guideline to growing moss.  Tomorrow I’m going to pick up some buttermilk!

hummm… maybe I should make the entire front of the home into a Japanese moss garden!



bedstuy represent #2

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Exciting to see all the people working on their homes in the hood.  There is a buzz here~

from Apartment Therapy: 1982 Brooklyn Brownstone!

bedstuy represent!

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This neighborhood is really amazing….

Did you see the article on the NY times of “In Brooklyn, a Strict Victorian Brownstone”?

Mr. Dakota + Kei Yip restored the home into a time-travel piece.  I commend you for your passion and dedication!

Here are some photos: