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Yesterday I shared with you my new project soon coming -

Here is a beautiful fixture selection – too bad it’s in Australia and the voltage is 240V… Maybe they can change it to 110V!


lights ACTION!

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Trying to allocate all the light fixture around the house is tougher than it sounds!  Esp when visualizing how it will look in each space AND be conscious of budget.

List continues.

(from here)

So, to keep it simple and within budget but looking authentic, I ordered a bunch of light parts to put together couple of the hanging pendants!   Not quite sure if I’m crazy to add more work onto my already overloaded plate, but hopefully the results will be worth it.

Still need mounting hardware and some little pieces, but I’ll ask Felix (our electrician) what to get.  I’m hoping our electrician won’t kill me for giving him more work!

I ordered it all from Grand Brass

Will keep you updated~~


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Lighting fixtures can set the mood of an entire space – so find something that you love!

Loving this one!  Modo Chandelier - starting at $3,600, not sure if this is in our budget.

Vertigo Chandelier - it’s actually very large and can make quite a statement at $1,400.



spot lights!

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Here are some options.

Lite Source LS-16151C Oksana 1-Head Spot Light Wall/Ceiling Lamp, Chrome from here

WAC Lighting QF-LED171X Orb LEDme Quick Connect Track Head LED Spot Light


outdoor lights

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Finally collected all the light fixtures for the outside of the home!

The pendant that I had originally wanted was gigantic 24″ high,  so we returned it and found a smaller one at 12″ high.  Larger than that would have been too much scale jump for our entrance way.

But the side entrance wall sconce and the mini lights for the garden is quite cute!

Here it is:

Entrance Outdoor Ceiling pendant from here-

Side door wall sconce -$41 from here.

For the garden lights – Forte Rustic Sienna – from here.

busy busy!

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Sorry my posts haven’t been so regular the past week – we’ve been super busy juggling work, renovation and life!

But things are going well, and here are some weekend research.

Library Ladders – for our loft

(from here)

(from here)


Cork Floor

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We are building a loft on our parlor floor!  The height above the bathroom and closet was perfect to add a fun loft for another sleeping area.

Now… what kind of floor do we want up there?  How about natural cork floor?

Here are some options:

1. dwellsmart 

2. Green Depot

Here are some interiors with cork floors.

The Brooklyn Home Co.  with Cork tiles floors.


Parlor Floor Lights

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Working on choosing various light fixtures for our reno!

It’s tricky picking out fixtures and trying to visualize how it all fits together in a space.

Here is what we need on our parlor floor: lighting for 3 above the island, 1 above dining table, 1 above stairway and 1 in the living space.

For the Kitchen / Dining area:

1. Hobnail Light Pendant (update:  the light was not really our style, so we are going to recessed lights instead!)

Just ordered 3 of these to be above our kitchen island.  Cute!

2. Ton Dixon : copper shade pendant

Will order later when we are closer to installing it.

(photo from here!)

3. Stairway Pendant ?

Yet to be found… something that goes with these 2.

4. Living room “chandelier”

Still not decided if to go modern or classic.  Have to do a bit more research!

Here is a glimpse of the space in the works.  I can’t believe how crazy it is that we are doing this.  Thank you Sam (our contractor)!!!

entrance pendant light

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Something easy, classic, and $!

(from here)

(from here)

(from here)

from here

Dining table light

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Thinking of the Tom Dixon Copper shade pendant for the dining table light!

(just 1 is perfect for us)


You can get it from many places, including here.

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